Singapore: Dec 29: Bugis and Arab Quarter

We spent most of Tuesday in the Arab Quarter (Kampong Glam). These pictures briefly document pieces of the day. Di Yin also took some pictures. The link goes to the first picture from this day in her Singapore album (picture #114). When you hit a picture of "K.J. and Lisa at dinner" (#142), you're done with the pictures for the day. I'll link to the rest in later posts.

Again, Di Yin, I, and our friend ventured out. First, though, we stopped for breakfast at the Clementi hawker (food) centre, near the MRT (metro) stop near our friend's place. When we stopped by briefly the day before, I saw only ten stalls. Today, I saw its real extent, which is an order of magnitude larger, plus an adjacent green market.

Once downtown, we explored Bugis Junction (a mall) and Bugis Street (a series of long, narrow covered shopping streets). Di Yin was as little impressed with these as me on my first visit (and on this visit). We then walked to the Arab Quarter, where we wandered through many dress and fabric shops and she looked for textiles and gifts for friends and family. We stopped for lunch at a Malaysian place, then returned to Clementi.

Finally, we returned to our friend's place to change for dinner with another friend (a friend I also visited on my previous trip to Singapore). We took a taxi to his place near Clark Quay and had dinner with him and his family.

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