Lake Tahoe

My division in my company had a relaxing off-site to Lake Tahoe from Wednesday, August 31, 2011, through Friday, September 2. We had a nearly-identical off-site the previous year. Indeed, all the meals were at similar places at similar times. The activity schedule was basically identical. The only difference on my end was that this time I stayed in one of the hotel's townhouses on the beach rather than in the high-rise hotel building across the street. Also, we didn't have a puzzlehunt this year.

It was a fun trip. I played a lot of games (Through the Desert, Dominion, Ticket to Ride). For the main activity on Thursday (the one whole day we were there), I went hiking. I also tossed a disc on the beach as well as relaxed and read in the sun.

I took pictures from the beach on Wednesday.

I also took pictures of the hike on Thursday. As you can tell from the picture captions, I was hiking with some people (both coworkers and tour guides) knowledgeable about botany. For the hike, we took a chartered bus, parked by Spooner Lake, and hiked to Marlette Lake and back. It was 9.5 miles roundtrip. It was nice except for the clouds of dust kicked up by many dozens of people walking. I took a shower upon my return.