Interesting Articles: Q2 2010

Or should I say article? There's only one this quarter:
* Happiness May Come With Age, Study Says (New York Times). Although the causality isn't clear, the correlations and implications about different stages of life are nonetheless interesting.

Coal Creek Open Space Preserve

On a clear day, Saturday, June 12, 2010, Di Yin and I went hiking through Coal Creek Open Space Preserve. I took pictures. We hiked by wildflowers, a waterfall, and funky plants while enjoying great views of the bay. We could even make out San Francisco's skyline and the bay bridge, more than thirty miles distant. Incidentally, we passed through swarms of insects, but none that seem to bite. Some of these looked weird: we found a bunch of funny ones on my hat (which seemed to acquire them) and on the ground during the hike.

Our three mile loop took us a while (2.5 hours?); I'm not sure why. For reference, we hiked along Clouds Rest Trail, Crazy Pete's Road, and Alpine Road (which is actually a wide dirt trail here, no cars).


On Saturday, June 5, 2010, Di Yin and I drove down to Capitola, a town next to Santa Cruz / similarly popular surfing destination. I'd never previously spent much time there, but it turns out to be a nice beach town. I must admit it's smaller than Carmel-by-the-Sea, with correspondingly fewer retail shops and restaurants, though it still has enough things so as to be fun to look around.

In addition to strolling around town, we walked along Soquel Creek/River, a pretty walking path between the backs of houses and their little gardens/lawns on the riverfront. Afterwards, we read books on the beach in the sun for while and got badly burned. Incidentally, we got the books from a morning trip to the Mountain View library.

I'll let Di Yin's pictures stand as the visual record for the day. The link goes to the first picture from this trip. When you see a picture of food we cooked for dinner, you're done with the day's pictures and are at some pictures she took some other day.

I grabbed a decent slice of pizza from the first Pizza My Heart location, established 1981. It's a small counter joint with painted tiles and a perpetual line.

Incidentally, I saw many more people with tattoos than I normally see.