Recently Posted Lots of (Old) Entries

I finally went back and wrote, proofread, and/or spellchecked previous drafts of posts from my time in New York, all in various stages of completion. Thus, I recently posted the following (with dates appropriately set to make the blog narrative continuous). They are listed here in chronological order.

Sunday: Cloisters, Upper West Side, Thai
Wednesday: A New York Lunch, Upper Midtown
Saturday: Saturday: Guggenheim, Upper Midtown, and more
Sunday: Central Park & the American Museum of Natural History
Tuesday: Donald, K-Town, Rockefeller, Staten Island, Little Italy
Wednesday: Divane & Cafe Lalo
Thursday: The Spanish Center

As I've realized since I've returned to california, I really like having a diary of neat things I did and saw and want to share with other people. However, sadly, it just takes too much time to continue! (See how long it took me to finish proofing those old posts and get around to actually posting them?) So this is the formal announcement of the gradual death of this blog -at least until I have more time, which won't be in the near future-. Gradually only because something else may pop into my mind about my new york trip that I'd like to document, and those items I will document here.