Milk Taste Test

My house-mate had a guest recently that left a carton of Horizon organic milk in the fridge which I used at one point when I was out of milk. It tasted good. (My first thought, literally, was, "this is what milk should taste like.") I wondered if it was because I usually drink fat-free regular (non-organic) milk and this was 2% or whether it was the organic nature of the milk. This weekend I decided to find out.

I bought my usual milk (fat-free Safeway Lucerne) and the organic equivalent (fat-free Horizon) and got my house-mate to pour two glasses so I could do a blind tasting. The difference was obvious from the first sip. One glass was slightly sour. (And maybe, just maybe, a tad more watery.) The other was certainly preferable.

Not that surprisingly, it was the organic milk that was better. And don't go claiming that it's because the dates were different -- the Lucerne had a date further in the future so if anything it should be more fresh, not less. From now on, I'll buy the slightly more expensive good stuff.

Get a friend, and do a blind tasting of a food product you commonly buy with a competitor. You might learn something neat. (I've done this for a few other products too; I may blog about them at some point.)

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