Interesting Articles: Mar 7th-13th 2006

* Unnatural Selection (New York Times). On why we should eliminate peremptory challenges and put more transparency back in this part of the legal process.

* The Claim: Skipping Breakfast Can Affect Your Mood and Energy Levels During the Day (New York Times). A brief summary of some studies exploring the importance of breakfast.

Real Estate:
* This Very, Very Old House (New York Times). A combination of history and economics, this article explores changes in the housing market in Amsterdam over the several centuries and what those changes can tell us about real estate in general. (Or, one could read the article as: analyzing interesting and unusual data sources can yield intriguing results.)

* The 411 on Directory Assistance (New York Times). Ways to get around the high 411 information charges: 800-411-METRO, 800-FREE-411, or text GOOGL, 27627, or 1-650-430-718.

* Open Doors Don't Invite Criminals (New York Times). Not as scientific as I would like, but a good piece arguing against the common misconception that immigrants cause crime.

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