SF Ferry Building (and looking for housing)

On Saturday, July 8th 2006, I headed back to city for another ferry building visit and more hunting for housing. My ferry trip was nice: I had a fairly good soft-shell crab sandwich (I've never seen that before) at the San Francisco Fish Company, though it had too much mayo & mustard that together somewhat overpowered the crab. I also bought a doughnut peach (I don't think I've consciously seen those before either, but it didn't taste much different from an ordinary peach) and a plum.

Normally I wouldn't bother posting such mundane details on my blog. But this time I took a panoramic photograph from the place I ate near the Ferry Building (full size). Now you can see one reason why I previously proclaimed my last Saturday wonderful. It really is a stunning view and pleasant setting.

After eating, I spent the afternoon hiking (seven or so miles) around the city looking at apartments.

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