What A Waste of Gas

I left work in Mountain View, drove south for Sunnyvale to my evening ultimate league, hung around there for half an hour while waiting for enough people on my team to show up to play a full game, got bored of throwing, drove north to San Francisco for a film festival movie, waited in the rush ticket line because the movie was sold out, managed to be be in the last group of five people allowed to purchase tickets for movie, realized I would have to sit in the front row on the side, asked how far the screen was from the front row, received the answer "six feet," decided I didn't want to watch the movie under these conditions as I'd recently seen a good movie from the front row and still found the experience unpleasant, and drove back south to home in San Mateo.

One might think I'd be irritated by all this. But I'm not. Really, I wasn't that excited today about either activity so I don't mind missing them. And the driving isn't that big a deal.

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