San Mateo Farmers Market

On Saturday morning, September 15, 2007, I woke up early. Out of milk, I decided I might as well go to my local farmers market and grab some form of breakfast while there.

Apparently I wasn't yet entirely awake--I missed the exit for the farmers market not once but twice!

Once there, I got in the long line at a baked goods shop, Crepe & Brioche. It always has a wide selection of breads and pastries. I got a huge, incredibly moist, mixed berry muffin. It was thoroughly satisfying. By the time I was done, I think my lips were stained a bit from all the raspberries and blueberries. It was almost too large to finish.

I also left the farmers market with

  • two flavor queen pluots
  • an "Indian red fruit" (not unlike a pluot; I don't know the real name)
  • a small basket of raspberries (pesticide-free though not technically organic)
  • a bag of English shelling peas. (I've seen these often at markets and decided I was in the mood to experiment with them.)
  • a mini loaf of vegan pumpkin bread from Alonso Baking which I'll use for breakfast this coming week
  • an assortment of Top Nosh's pies . (I often pick up a few when I make it to this farmers market. They make a nice component of a meal.)
It turns out the heirloom tomato vendor that made me miss not having a camera at my last visit to Mountain View's farmers market was also at this market. Once again, I lacked my camera. In addition, this farmers market also had two other vendors with displays of heirloom tomatoes, packed with tomatoes with character.

On the way home, I stopped by Safeway to pick up some things, such as milk, on my shopping list. Why is it that I get such a simple pleasure from leaving Safeway with a receipt that says I saved 24% by choosing Safeway select discounted items?

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