New England: Change of Scene

For a change of scene, I spent nearly three weeks, February 28, 2008, to March 18, 2008, in the northeast. It wasn't a vacation--I worked remotely. Including the two days I spent traveling, I only took three days off work.

My activities during the trip are documented in my photo repository by a smattering of pictures and fair amount of picture-less commentary.


Anonymous said...

FYI, many of the pictures here are broken (at least for me).

mark said...

If would help if you could identify which ones. Are you seeing broken images? They all look fine to me.

Note: many segments of text have "No Pictures Associated With These Comments" or "No image or movie is associated with this comment." (There should be an image or text to this effect.) This means what it says. I had a lot of comments/observations for which I didn't bothering taking pictures.