Polish Festival

On Sunday, October 12, 2008, a beautiful, clear, warm, sunny day, I drove to Golden Gate Park for the Polish Heritage Festival. Because it was so nice, I spent most of my hour and a half at the festival sitting outside reading and eating.

I took a few pictures and one video of what I ate and saw at the festival.

I spent such little time at the festival because it was small, smaller even than the two small festivals I've been to in the same building: Chilean and Arab. There were only seven stands:

  • the Polish Arts & Cultural Foundation
  • a Polish market (snacks, magazines)
  • a meat and sausage shop
  • a table for a Polish dance group
  • a stand selling Polish books
  • another selling Polish movies
  • a Polish-language school for kids
The most interesting aspect of the festival to me was that mostly everyone spoke Polish and, when talking to people at stands or ordering food, most people assumed I did too. For instance, an old woman in the line for food dropped a dollar bill, which I picked up for her. I got back a long series of uninterpretable sentences. I assume she was thanking me.

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