How To Give A Best Man Toast / Speech

I recently had to give a best-man-type toast/speech. While there's a wealth of advice on this topic on the web, it takes some time to get past the useless (to me) lists of two-sentence pithy / memorable / funny / touching / famous / witty / etc. quotes to get to guidelines on how to give a toast that is more like a speech. Here are the sites I found useful in no particular order:

Wedding Speeches. Includes many pages with suggestions and guidelines.
The Perfect Toast
Wedding Toasts and Speeches. Similarly good; has many advice articles and allows one to pay to have a toast written. has many pages about giving toasts. Most are useless. Here are the good ones:
I Rise to Toast the Bride and Groom. Has honest, personal opinions (with which I sometimes disagree).
Introduction to Wedding Speeches and Wedding Toasts. Has an interesting list on how toasts vary depending on the speaker's relationship with the couple.
Despite practice, not surprisingly I got a little tongue-tied during the actual event. Still, I think I managed to get across everything I intended to. Your experience may vary.

If you attended the B and C's wedding in 2007 and want a copy of my speech (or at least the written copy of what I intended to say), just ask.

Addendum: I later found another useful advice column: Modern Manners Guy's How to Make a Wedding Toast. This should go in the list above but I prefer to keep separate the list of columns I read before my speech and after.

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