Kreeger Museum

One rainy day Di Yin and I took a bus past Georgetown, then walked into the hills farther up where even buses don't go. We walked past mansions or at least large houses.

Our destination was the Kreeger Musuem. David Kreeger, a former GEICO exec, was a big man in D.C., a cultured supporter of many arts projects. During the latter half of the twentieth century he also collected art. The museum is in what was his home. Although houses in this area are generally well separated, Kreeger's house was more so: built on a forested hillside, other houses were a few hundred meters away and barely visible.

I took pictures while at the museum.

The Kreeger Museum's collection consists mainly of impressionists, though it has some modern art and some African masks also. Regarding the impressionists, almost all are names you'd recognize. (I did.) There are lots of Picasso, Braque, Sisley, Gorky, Monet, and van Gogh, along with a few paintings by Bonnard, Cezanne, and Pisarro. For more modern works, the museum has tons of pieces by Miro, plus pieces from Kandinsky, Klee, and Gene Davis.

It's a small, pretty place; we spent less than an hour in the museum.

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