Cutting Board Types: Wood or Plastic

A while ago (six months), I did a lot of research on what kind of cutting board I wanted and especially the benefits and hazards of wood versus plastic cutting boards. Here are the most useful web sites discussing this issue:
* Cutting Boards - so many choices but what to buy? (The Reluctant Gourmet)
* Cutting Board Safety (SecurityWorld synopsis of Food Safety and Inspection Service recommendations)
* All About Cutting Boards (What's Cooking America)
* Cutting Boards: Wood or Plastic? (Ochef)
* Cutting Boards -- wood or plastic (Queensland, Australia government conclusions)
* What's better, a wooden cutting board or a plastic one? (The Straight Dope)
* Cutting Boards (Plastic Versus Wood) (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the University of Arizona)
Many of these, and others, can be found by a google search on [cutting boards wood or plastic].

(I only post this now for my own future reference, if I need it.)

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