Interesting Articles: May 23-29 2005

* Women and Competition (New York Times) (includes a number of interesting references at the end)
* The Lean and the Restless (New York Times) (i.e., fidgeters lose weight)
* A Comprehensive Look at Hot Dogs (with reviews of New York spots) (New York Times)
* Is Your House Overvalued? (New York Times) (One of the better written discussions of the housing market I've read in the last few weeks.)
* With Popcorn, DVD's and TiVo, Moviegoers Are Staying Home (New York Times) (The most interesting component of this article is the graphic. Time spent watching movies has still increased, just not as much as the other items in the graphic. The real question is, where is all this time coming from?)
* Unofficial Museum Tours (New York Times) (You have to listen to the examples. They crack me up.)
* Also, the Series of Articles on Class (New York Times) is still ongoing, and still very interesting.

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