Berkeley Thai Temple: Second Visit

This was my second visit to the Thai Temple; read my first visit first.

On December 18th 2005, a rainy Sunday morning, I decided to drive down to the Thai Temple to pick up some lunch for takeout. Upon arriving, I was happy to see they were open (-I wasn't sure because the food is served outdoors in the backyard under tents-) and a few brave souls were there eating at the covered tables. Admittedly not all the counters were open, but I had already decided to have some buffet-type items so that didn't matter to me.

I grabbed a three item combo for lunch.
* The best item was the green beans with tofu. They and the spicy red chili curry sauce was quite spicy and good. (And the sauce wasn't as heavy as many Thai curry-ish sauces usually are.)
* The pad thai was okay, though a little more soggy than it should have been (probably because it was sitting in heating tray for so long).
* The chicken drumstick was also okay. Coated with and served with a sweet(-and-sour, I suppose) sauce, it was just too sweet for me.

I also grabbed a little box of spring rolls for later. Perfectly fine and average. Surprisingly filling given how light the ingredients are.

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