Interesting Articles: April 25th-May 1st 2006

* Breakfast trends (Science News). A study that shows breakfast is good for you. Not because of the usual reason of balancing food intake, sugar levels, weight, and the like, but because people tend to eat better at breakfast than at other meals. The Breakfast in America abstract (PDF) summarizes the article, in case the article is inaccessible to you.
* Alcohol spurs cancer growth (Science News). For once an popular science article showing low levels of alcohol consumption cause negative health effects -not positive, like most articles- in one area.
* Beer Spas: Yeast of Eden (New York Times). Your oddity of the week.
* Going a Short Way to Make a Point (Washington Post). Wry commentary on gas prices and politicians that drive overly large vehicles. Funny.
* The Bias Finders: A test of unconscious attitudes polarizes psychologists (Science News). I heard of (and tried) implicit attitude tests when they first appeared (during my time as an undergrad in psychology). They were controversial at the time, especially as a measure of racial preference, but it's nice to see some progress exploring what the test actually means.

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