Interesting Articles: May 23rd-29th 2006

* Study finds bias in peer review (Science News). An intelligent piece of work with significant implications. If the link doesn't work for you, read the abstract and full article: Effect of blinded peer review on abstract acceptance (Journal of the American Medical Association).

* Clinical trials really pay off (Science News). It quantifies the value of large-scale human trials and finds that they give a huge economic return on investment. If the link doesn't work, read the source article: Effect of a U.S. National Institutes of Health programme of clinical trials on public health and costs (Lancet).

* Home on the Range: A Corridor for Wildlife (New York Times). Only posted because it references many places in and near Banff at which wildlife control / habitat improvement techniques are in use. During my trip, I saw most of the strategies mentioned.
* One Thing They Aren't: Maternal (New York Times). Only posted in case I ever need a reference to weird acts animals do to each other (siblings killing each other, mothers killing babies, etc.).

* Life in the Fast-Food Lane (New York Times). The Times restaurant critic explores fast food restaurants. It has a nice top ten sidebar. While frankly not that exciting, posted mainly because its novelty means I may refer others to it sometime.

* Why American College Students Hate Science (New York Times). Posted as a reference to the college in Maryland that's been so successful in getting women and minorities interested in the sciences.

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