San Mateo Farmer's Market

To get a feel for my new town, I drove by the San Mateo Farmer's Market last Saturday. It's a small affair, a few factors bigger than the North Berkeley one but nowhere near the size of the Ferry Building's. A nice amount of crowds and friendly local farmers.

I went hungry and ended up picking up a bunch of items for later. While there I had a tamale (okay) and a peach for lunch. I came home with, however,
* a piroshki, made by an immigrant (still has the accent) and sold out of a cooler. A pastry filled with chicken and flavored with a bit of onions, it was bland like Eastern European food tends to be. I definitely liked whatever type of dough he used. Decent.
* a Top Nosh pastry filled with butternut squash, cheese, and other stuff. I sampled it at the market and had it later as part of dinner; quite tasty. I'll have to try more of their productions.
* a bunch of okra. Having never cooked okra, I figured this was a rare chance to buy some organic okra and to just experiment with it later.
* snap peas, for an analogous reason that I haven't cooked them in ages.
* tomatillos. I go through tomatillos fairly fast due to my current Mexican cooking kick.

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