SF Ferry Building and Its Farmers Market (yet again)

Today I headed up to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building, partially because I wanted to sit on a train and read. The Caltrain was packed on the way up because of a Giants game, so the usual crowd at the Saturday farmer's market seemed pale by comparison. Another beautiful day and a plenitude of fresh foods.

I grabbed a potato croquette from Delica rf-1, a Japanese-inspired fusion joint. Take potato croquette was like a large, thick potato pancake, so thick the center is mashed potato goodness and the outside is actually slightly breaded. I enjoyed it.

I also sampled a lot and either ate or came back with three different types of figs -I was going to do a taste test and write up the results but the figs are at different stages of ripeness so it's hard to tell what flavor differences are caused by the ripeness and what by the variety-, an artic pride nectarine, a few flavor king pluots, a bunch of grapes, a piece of sweet and spicy chicken from Delica rf-1, and a chocolate chip cookie from Scharffen-Berger.

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