Not Everything With The Same Set Of Active Ingredients Is Equal

Last week I ran out of Listerine. While at the store, I compared labels and, due to no difference in the active ingredients or their quantities, bought the generic brand because it was cheaper.

This was a mistake. As I gargle, the smell from this mouthwash irritates my nose. The taste is different as well, but it's really the smell that I can't stand. It's unpleasant. I can't gargle with it as long. This just goes to show that there's more to the experience of using a health product that simply its medical impact on the body.

What am I going to do? I thought briefly about throwing the generic mouthwash away and going back to Listerine. In all likelihood, what'll actually happen is that I'll use mouthwash more regularly in an attempt to use this bottle up faster. In some sense, this less pleasant, chemically equivalent mouthwash will therefore end up being healthier for me. How funny is that?

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