Palo Alto Promenade

On Friday evening, July 20, 2007, I went to the Palo Alto Promenade. It was a street fair only in the sense that they closed the street to traffic; otherwise, there wasn't much besides a smattering of stages. There were practically no booths.

When I arrived, I did an exploratory stroll down University. It's nice walking down University Avenue with no cars and seeing what's changed and what's remained the same. I have mixed feelings about change. One part of me says, "there are new places to explore/try!" Another part says, "oy, there are new places that need exploring."

Along my walk, I noticed two big stages, one small one, and two street musicians. None played music I like. By the time I returned to the first stage, it had a new act, Groovy Judy, that appealed to me. I stayed and listened and grooved. The lead singer/guitarist, Groovy Judy, was dressed a flamboyant feathery pink suit and pink top hat; she was fun to watch. Groovy Judy's web page has interesting explanations about what inspired each song. She clearly cares about her lyrics and message.

When a friend arrived, we did another loop. The other big stage had a better band this time, though not good enough to make us stop for long.

I then got the opportunity to try one of those new places I spotted for dinner! :) It was quite good.

After dinner, joined by yet another friend, we did another circuit. We spotted a film projected on a screen, but couldn't hear it because the speakers were so bad. The big stage now had a not bad hip hop band on it.

In the amusing t-shirt category, I spotted someone wearing "my hockey mom can beat up your soccer mom".

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