Belmont Greek Festival 2007

I'd planned to eat fruit and a piroshki for dinner. However, as dinnertime approached, I realized I felt sick thinking about eating more fruit. Yes, it's possible to get sick of eating fruit.

Not wanting to make dinner, I decided to go out. I recalled the Belmont Greek Festival was happening this weekend. I'd gone in previous years (2005, 2006). I could get food there. And, as an added bonus, I saw there was a cooking demonstration on the evening's schedule.

This year was just like it's always been. I wandered around, listened to a mandolin orchestra, and watched a dance performance in which the dancer lifts a stack of tables with his teeth. Sadly, the cooking demonstration was misprinted on the schedule and thus didn't occur. I took my past advice and had a gyro (still pretty good; the most appealing part is the bread) and a Greek salad (good; still, oddly, lacking feta). Despite fond memories, I skipped the desserts in favor of a mooncake at home.

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