Mountain View Farmers Market

Although there are many festivals on this labor day weekend, I wasn't that excited about any of them. To prevent myself from hanging out and reading in my apartment or the park for the whole weekend, I decided I ought to go to something to get myself out of town. Hence, on Sunday morning, September 2, 2007, after having woken up unusually early (perhaps due to the heat), I found myself on the 8:34am train to the Mountain View farmers market.

I enjoyed it as much as my previous visit. It's a great market. I left my camera at home. Only one time did I miss it. That was at a booth that sold heirloom tomatoes: they had an impressive array of fifteen varieties--I counted--, each distinct in color, shape, texture, pattern, and size.

While at the market, I bought:

  • A melon with white flesh. (I think it's a casaba but it may be a crenshaw.)
  • August glo yellow peaches.
  • Flavor king pluots.
  • Strawberries.
  • Raspberries. (Did you know there are tan raspberries? Funky, though I didn't buy any.)
  • Pumpkin bolani.
  • Two piroshkis: one mushroom and onion, and one broccoli and cheese. I bought them from a different vendor than the last time I bought piroshki at the market. (Those were disappointing.)
  • Two mini mooncakes: one black bean, and one lotus. (For these, I had to venture away from the market to a Chinese bakery I like in downtown Mountain View.) I intended to order something different, but I became flustered when asked what I wanted and that's what came out of my mouth. Since these were fine with me, I didn't bother correcting my mistake.
I also used the market for breakfast. In addition to countless free samples, I had a rich slice of peach coffeecake from Devon's Delectables. Furthermore, from the Chinese bakery, I had some tasty shrimp and pork dumplings ("Yi-Chi-Gau").

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