Clement Street Dim Sum Stroll

On Monday, January 21, 2008, I strolled down Clement Street in San Francisco's inner Richmond, sampling many items from the take-out dim sum joints. Like my previous such excursion, it was overcast, alternating among raining, drizzling, and simply being humid. We smartly carried umbrellas.

I suppose I should note that, during this excursion, I sampled

  • dumplings (shark's fin, celery and shrimp (we got this by accident), and scallion and shrimp)
  • a long rolled dumpling (with very little shrimp)
  • shu mai (chicken)
  • a wonderfully warming porridge
  • a steamed pork-and-vegetable bun (eh: too bad it was pork and vegetable mashed into a meatloaf-like consistency; I should've gone straight for the bbq pork)
  • a banana cake (dessert; made of mochi; heavier than the steamed bun, yet only a quarter of the size of it)
  • some potstickers
  • a banh mi sandwich (pork; nowhere near as good as those I used to get in El Cerrito while living in Berkeley)
It was a pleasant way of doing lunch, though nothing I had this time was too exciting.

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