Golden Gate Bridge & Sausalito

On Saturday, January 26, 2008, two of us decided to do something interesting. We drove north to the opposite side of the Golden Gate Bridge, parked, walked across the entire bridge, and walked back. The weather was surprisingly pleasant, especially given the forecast of rain for the whole weekend, a forecast made more believable by the large amount of rain the previous day. As expected, the bridge had good views of the bay.

We then headed to Sausalito, a town I've visited a few times before but always for a particular destination or reason, never to explore. It's a cute, small town, reminding me much of Carmel. The businesses in Carmel, however, are inland; in Sausalito, the retailers are arrayed on a road along the waterfront. Like the bridge, Sausalito had a pretty good view of the bay.

While walking on the waterfront, we saw many birds, some with enormmous wingspans. We watched a bird dive underwater and reappear with a fish in its bill. It then gulped it down.

In town, we spotted many intriguing art galleries. Some had art I've seen before at street fairs. We went in Fingerhut's Sausalito gallery, a high class art gallery, because it had a special exhibit of Dr. Seuss artwork. How fun! We also entered Petri's Gallery. It has stunning/amazing/awesome glass art. Yes, I was awed. I have some training in glass, and I have no idea how some pieces were made (especially the paperweights). Prices are high, sometimes in the thousands, but I was so impressed I thought the prices appropriate.

Sorry, I forgot to take my camera with me.

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